9.4.13 § 4 commentarii

A poem:

Cíad nain anach:
    láima aras;
níche srí;
    á·dele laer;

Fáe chán chelc;
    tomm i·anár;
stíad sén rath;
    belc úire i·ngaer;

Áccairn rámal;
    ascáile chád;
amáe stain;
    úam i·fáun.

Amáe celc;
    ráim i n·áe;
clechna lú;
    sin nen chíad.

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§ 4 Response to “Srábaine”

  • Bo says:

    You naughty sod! It took me about five minutes to work out what you'd done there: which seems, to me, to run the changes that turn Proto-Celtic into Old Irish on Proto-Eldarin! It was the 1st sg pronouns in *NI that told me: (nen +LEN 1sg possessive, nain = dative of 1st sg pronoun?). Also laer for 'summer' and aras for 'deer'...after that rhiw/srí < *SRIW etc

    That's fucking clever. I think David Salo was going to try the same thing wasn't he?

  • Deiniol says:

    Hee! I knew of anyone reading this blog, you'd be the one to work it out :) I even signposted it rather with the post title, which is also the name of the language: srábaine < *srābanjā "of the wild", c.f. of course goídelc.

    Not keeping up with the internal politics of Elvish Linguistics, I'm not sure if David Salo has tried it or not. I've thought about it a couple of times myself, but have never bothered until reading in Parma Eldalamberon 19 about "Western Avarin", which Tolkien himself conceived of as resembling Irish. My attempt, however, I am going to give the exonym "Bog Elvish".

  • Bo says:

    It's astonishing!

  • Deiniol says:

    How much time on my hands I have, quite!

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