6.9.12 § 4 commentarii

Intoxicated, I worship my gods in the dark,
Carry me there, carry me home.
Through the land of dawn's dark sister,
Carry me safe until the gates are opened.

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§ 4 Response to “Nox”

  • Frenchie says:

    I do hope this comes with context.

  • Deiniol says:

    Well, the context should be fairly clear: I was drunk. Not at the time of posting, I will note, but at the time of writing. It follows on from the "Fragments" post earlier: this is one that I've never gotten around to translating. I was inspired to post it on observing a pair of young gentlemen walking past my flat in the wee small hours, the drink having taken. They were singing "Show me the way to go home"...

  • Frenchie says:

    Ha, I see. Thought it came from some deep meditation on the Indo-European goddess of night à la Ceisiwr Serith and its application to the Brythonic context.

  • Deiniol says:

    Nah, while the imagery is solidly IE, it's mainly the result of alcohol.

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