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Sometimes prayers fall silent halfway through. Sometimes composition is to difficult: the central image is too weighty to be supported by surrounding ornamentation. Sometimes, a hymn never really gets started. In those cases, we're left with fragments. Some of them good and worth returning to. Most of them not. However, out of some kind of spiritual housekeeping, in this post I offer up some of the fragments that I've been carrying around.


  For Rigantonā:

Mārodēwā, eχs·yo semet medu wlatēs,  Great goddess, pouring the mead of the land,
Rīgantonā, magesos cassorīganī,  Rigantona, shining queen of the plain,
ne·tē tarbū, ton anwan aramū sepū.  I do not chase you, I whisper your name.
Catous nabā, Eponā, ma wo·tē gniyū  Lady of battles, Epona, in your service,
donyos collaweni rīgei emmi.  I know more joy than any prince.
Buet ton bodiyā mon woproyon.  May your favour be my reward.
Con argantū rīganyās wor canī talū,  With royal silver on a bright brow,
nou lomanā sterānon ambi ton monim,  or a bridle of stars around your neck,
dēwā noibā, dligis moinīs brigowlatēs.  holy goddess, you deserve the treasures of power.
Rīgantonā, wēdū tī, noibolaχsarī,  Rigantona, in your presence, in holy splendour,
are·yon·mī arās wolougon comarcū.  I ask that you grant your light.
Sepos tē, pāpon est temeslei  Without you all is in darkness.
Wēdū aidou, dūcī sedū ni·tē sedū,  Before the sacred fire, I sit and I wait.
Rīgantonā, nemesos cassorīganī  Rigantona, heaven's shining queen,
are dedmīs, dū·tī sin daunon eχs·semū.  for the sake of your power I pour out my praise.


  For the ancestors at Samonis:

Are dubusentūs, au dubutīresī,  Along dark paths, from a dark land,
au dubutegesī, rātī lētoglēssās.  from a dark hall, with grey walls of clay.
Ougros so wintos, ougron sin tīros,  Cold the wind there, and cold the land,
ougros wo aballās, duburīgyē Sucellī.  cold under apple-trees, in Sucellos' dark realm.
Cliton mon aidu, cliton sin baregon,  But warm by my hearthfire, and warm is the bread,
cliton sin curmi, are·yo woset dū swūs.  Warm is the ale, which waits for you here.
Loucos wolougos, dīsclairet are sentun,  For you a bright light, to brighten your path,
Po loucotegos, yon arewoset sī wenyā.  To a bright hall, where family waits.
Rēdosagyete senisamones, sentus est adcoros.  Hurry now ancestors, the way is open.


Atecoman est moi wreχtuwon rogeneson,  I recall your deeds, not unmindful of fame.
Nest ancoman clutī senisamonon.  It is fitting that we remember tonight,
Yālos est dū comanē, yon wertāt blēdanī.  At the turning of the year.
Mātres mon mātros, atres mon atros,  Mothers of my mother, fathers of my father,
are atecoman dī·swūs newū sin curmi,  in remembrance I pour out beer for you,
are atecoman ad·swūs berū sin baregon.  in remembrance I offer you bread.
Edete atawū con snūs sinnoχti, gabete sindā adbertā.  Feast with us tonight. Accept these offerings.


  For Latis:

Dīnewomos nowyolindon,  We pour out a new drink,
    lati nertāt·yo luχtun.    liquor that strengthens the crowd.
Līnāmos otlon lowenū,  We fill the cup gladly
    ar' Latēs nēbolītū.    for Latis' joyful ritual.
To·bere sin cormi bruwyon,  Now bear that lively beer
    ambi labarobruwon,    around the talkative crowd,
yon bardos dī·canet briχtu,  while the bard declaims a rhyme
    ambi medu bracāton.    about malted mead.


  A fragment of a poem for Lugus at Lughnasad:

Nu garyū menwanē, I now call to mind,
    saneston rosenon,     an ancient tale,
Nowiyū ad·wēdū Told anew,
    sugaryūs suwreχtūs.     with well-wrought words.
Ro·cuclowa cantlā, I have heard songs,
    ambi clowos Lugous.     of Lugus' fame.
Dercon daweti·yo, His eye that burns,
    dīgalī nemesos.     with heaven's vengeance.
Wlidubi wlaticon At the feasts of kings,
    Ro·wāta cowidwā,     I have told tales,
Ganon are glanon, Of his birth by the shore,
    gabaglan wogaisī,      his weapon-winning.
Nu·c canū calmiyon, I sing of the skilful one,
    cailācos altiyos.     the foretold fosterling,
Com·yo berte messun, When the harvest was taken,
    braton en magesi.     treachery in the fields.


  Another one for Lugus:

Outronēmī to·agis, You come in terrible beauty,
Lugus belisamos, Brightest Lugus,
rīχs ac barnaunos, King and Judge,
wogaisū ac telmī. With spear and snare.
Lucaton laχsaron, Bright burning eye,
derceti·yo wreχtūs donyon. which sees the works of men.
To·rege son yānon, Stretch out your justice,
to·rege trougocariyan. Stretch out your mercy.


  Sucellos Cintuatīr:

Ā Sucelle Cintuatīr, Sucellos first father,
nu te garyet ton gnatos Your child now calls you
eχs sondū bitū wo sowonan. from this world under the turning sun.
En sulissobi aballon, In your apple-strewn halls,
tande sūs dubnūs rodubūs down in the dark earth's depths,
ate·moi līna paryon. Fill again the cauldron for me.



Cladiwos arewedet dedmin, A sword guides the law,
ambidurnos en argantolāmāi. hilt in a silver hand.
Lāmoletanos nec lāmocaletos, Open-handed, not miserly,
rīχs dagos ernat cowīron, a good king shares out the truth,
wor sindan donan, wo sosin nemos. over this earth, under that heaven.

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