Big Society

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I recently heard from a friend of mine.

What with the credit crunch, downsizing and what have you, unfortunately he’s been unemployed for the past six months. Last time I saw him was a few months ago, at a meeting of our local branch of the Conservative party. The talk was all about Cameron’s “Big Society”, an idea I’m fully behind. So, as we mingled over cheese nibbles and chardonnay, I suggested that he put some of what we’d just heard into action: while he’s looking for work, why not volunteer?

Well, yesterday he called me, with good news. He’s taken my advice, and he’s found something to keep himself occupied.

“Deiniol, my lad,” he says to me, “you’ll me proud of me.”

“Oh?” say I. “What’re you doing now?”

“It’s really fantastic. I’m preparing meals for the homeless, for drug addicts, alcoholics, unwed teenage mothers. You know, the poor unfortunates who’ve slipped through the cracks of society.”

“But that’s great!” I enthuse. “You’re what? Working with a charity?”

Good God no. I’m the head chef at a Wetherspoon’s.

And I'm back, ladies and gents.

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