Senior (!?) moment...

16.8.10 § 1 commentarius

Video utterly unrelated. Just happens to be an excellent expression of both Welsh patriotism and gay pride in the same video. One does so like convenience. I also just happen to really like Shirley Bassey. "The Living Tree" is wonderful in its expression of high camp, for example. I know, I'm a fucking queer. And, honestly, if I'm in the right mood, "We'll Keep A Welcome" can bring a tear to my eye. I'll also confess to singing this when pissed (along with "Yma O Hyd"... it's got to the point where my best friend can actually sing along to the latter without actually speaking any Welsh. For some reason he's also word-perfect on "Sosban Fach", and I swear to god I've not taught him.) and really I shouldn't be encouraged. Actually, while we're at it, it's something of an ambition of mine to join a male voice choir- pathetically sad I know, but surely I wasn't the only one who was fairly chuffed that Only Men Aloud won "Last Choir Standing"? Was I the only person in the UK to actually watch that (catching up on iPlayer, even)? Bugger, not only have revealed quite how sad I am, but this brief disclaimer has also rather over-run. To the post, therefore:

Arse, I've forgotten what I was going to say.

What's this?

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  • Curtis says:

    An urelated unabashed fan letter
    concerning An Byd Arvorec:
    That is young Dewrad pictured page one,
    I presume.

    'An den Cembrec ma: tearnon newyth an yéth?
    Gof sedharch an yétheth Dan?yd ap Yowanc
    lavrad da gras?yetes Byd Arvorec'

    Following looks like it once was a real page
    with real text, not just 'greeking' texture.
    Is it available for download?

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