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Wha' happened?

Well. The company hosting my blog and website appears to have tanked: everything is down, and they're not responding to my emails. Finally realising that my website is now probably lost to the mists of time, I've set up this blog as a replacement for my old one. I've gone with Blogger over Wordpress for a couple of reasons, in spite of Wordpress being a much better platform from a technical viewpoint. Google's servers being less likely to suddenly disappear without warning is, of course, the major recommendation, but also most of the blogs which I follow on a regular basis are Blogger-based- so being part of the same network is probably a Good Thing. Additionally, this allows me to give my blog an actual name, rather than the prosaic title "Deiniol's Blog" (which has simplicity and directness to recommend it, but not much else.)

While the loss of the website is certainly inconvenient, it's hardly the end of the world: there was nothing on the site that isn't also safely stored offline on my hard drive. My habit of composing blog posts using html in TextEdit rather than the online editing functionality means that the bulk of my previous blog posts are also safely stored: these might appear in the archives of this new blog shortly. I doubt I'll be replacing the website itself any time soon, however. I've been thinking that it's outgrown its usefulness for a while now, and I'm currently toying with the idea of eventually setting up an entirely new religion-focused website in its place.

This new website will basically be a collection of essays as relating to my personal exploration of a Gallo-Brythonic Reconstructionist spirituality: essays on the gods, ritual practices, theology and so on. Now that I'm out of university for the next year at least, I've decided to keep myself focused and sharp by writing a decent 2500-word essay every other week (or so), and these essays I hope will form the bulk of this new website's content. Currently I'm toying with naming the site Drunemeton, after the Galatian sanctuary.

What was that? Oh, yes. I've finished university. My last exam was this Wednesday just gone, my last piece of coursework handed in on Friday. I get my results for my final degree classification a week on Friday and (frankly) I am shitting bricks with fear. Just thinking about it leaves me short of breath: Come the 19th I'll just be happy that the waiting is over, whatever the actual results are. All being well, my graduation ceremony will be on the 15th of next month.

So, that's me for you.

What's this?

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  • Με γειά το καινούργιο μπλογκ και καλά αποτελέσματα! (With health the new blog, and good results!) I don't know of any English 'obligatory situational formulas' for the two occasions.('Ave one fer me'?)

  • Deiniol says:

    Heh, thank. It had never occurred to me before now that the only way of representing /blog/ in Modern Greek orthgraphy would be "mplonk"

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